SMTP Settings for Gmail Accounts

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Most emails sent from Configio are from a no-reply account. You can update your Admin User settings so that some types of emails are from a different account, such as a Gmail account.

Getting Started

Go to Settings -> Users, and select the account for which you want to make the changes. Under Email Settings, input these values, and then click "Save".

SMTP Server --
SMTP Port -- 587
SMTP User -- [your gmail address]
SMTP Password -- [your gmail password]
SMTP From -- [your gmail address]
SMTP Use SSL -- yes

Save the user settings.

Testing Your Settings

There is a Test SMTP field on the Edit User screen. Input an address to which you want to send the test email, and then click the Send Test Email button. If success, there will be message. 


Login to the email address to which the test email is going, and be sure that you actually received the email.

If unsuccessful, check the above settings, click Save, and try again. If this continues, please contact Configio.

Using Your Gmail Account

Only some emails can be sent from your Gmail account. They are: Message Product; and CRM Communication.

Message Product

This email goes out to people associated with a particular product. Go to Products, select the one that is of interest, and click Message Product under Tools on the Main tab.


A modal will appear. Fill it out, be sure to click "Email", and click "Send".

CRM Communication

This email goes out to a particular contact in your CRM. Go to CRM, find the one that is of interest, and click "New Communication" or Edit an existing Communication.
On the right hand side of the modal, check the "Reply to" box to indicate you wish to send an email to the CRM contact selected.


Upon saving the communication, a subsequent modal will open to show the email as it will be sent to the contact for confirmation.


Clicking Send will send the email to the address specified at the top.

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