Managing Localization

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Event Manager empowers e-commerce worldwide. To manage your site's localization settings, follow these easy steps.

Time Zone
To configure the time zone, open the Settings navigational menu and select Configuration. In the System group, you will see a Time Zone selector. Choose the time zone where your business is physically doing business, or whatever time zone makes sense for your business. This will ensure your Online Start and End as well as Purchase Start and End date and times are accurate for your locale. This will also offset the time at which your nightly job starts - the nightly job controls Triggered EmailsRecurring Billing, and more.

Currency Format and Label
Open the Settings navigational menu, and select Configuration in the Setup column. Find the Financial Information section. There are two options to configure: Currency Format and Currency Label.

Choose the Currency Format that is correct for your website, eg "English (United Kingdom) £1,234.56", and hit the Save button. This configures three things: the currency symbol, number format, and default date format for system generated emails. The symbol and format will now appear throughout your shopping cart experience, as well as in your administrative views.  

Input the Currency Label that is correct for your website, e.g. "Pounds". Now, your website is configured to display that label.

Date and Time Format
There are a couple of methods available for defining how dates and times are displayed -- you may use a static method, where all users get the same format; or you may use a dynamic method, where different users get different formats, based on their browsers' configurations.

To set your method, open the Settings navigational menu, select Configuration in the Setup column, and find "System culture format (controls things like the date and time format)" under System. Choose one of the Countries for the static method, or choose "use the browser's settings" for the dynamic method, and then select "Save". The setting applies for both the Shopping Cart and Event Manager. 

When the "use the browser's settings" method is chosen, the browser setting that is used is the Language Setting.

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