Creating Staff Checklist Items

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Under Staff > Staff Checklist Items you will create your custom online application and post-hire HR process through checklist items.

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Start by clicking Add New Checklist Item.


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In the General Section, give the Checklist Item a title; assign the Categories, Regions, Work States, and Positions that the item will apply to. Optional: if applicable, you can assign a Partner the checklist item applies to; a Checklist Item Triggered Email to send upon applicant completion; a display message; and a sort order (1 for first step, 2 for second, and so on).

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Under Checklist Type, choose the type of activity required to complete the item (such as a form to complete, purchasing of a staff product, agreeing to a disclaimer or contract, etc.). You can then enter Instructions to complete the item (optional), and will be able to select the individual item to complete. For instance, choosing the Checklist Type of Disclaimer will bring up a list of Disclaimers in your database under the Checklist Item drop-down. The All Staff Products Checklist Type will allow you to select a Search Group that will display in the Staff shopping cart section (optional). You can also update the Action Text displayed to the applicant when completing the Checklist.

By default, Core Requirement is checked. All Core Requirements must be met before a staff member will show as available for assignment to Product Calendar Items. (You can over-ride this requirement, but you will be notified when assigning a staff member with missing Core Requirements.)
Prehire is the default Hiring Process Step, this means the applicant will be able to complete the Item before they are marked as hired. Posthire steps are not available to staff members until they are marked as hired.

Finally, you can also set another Checklist Item as a prerequisite to complete the current Item, and set any Item to be Admin Only. An Admin Only Checklist Item can only be completed by an Administrator Impersonating the Staff Member's Account.

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Under the Expiration section you can set the number of days the Checklist Item is valid for (if necessary), or allow the Staff Member to enter an expiration date (for instance, the expiration of a CPR card or Driver's License).

Using Restrictions, you can restrict the Checklist Item to Staff Members in a certain age range and by gender.

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Finally, click Save at the top right of the screen.


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