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Region Preferences indicate to the hiring manager which Regions (or areas) an applicant prefers.

Note: See Region help for more information on what a Region is and how it works in the Product side of the application.
Example: Your applying to a camp with multiple locations and prefer to work in the location closest to where you live.
How To: Click Login to sign into your account.
Navigate to the Staff link and click. This will expand the Staff drop-down menu:

Click Region Prefs.
The Choose Regions screen opens, displaying the available Regions in the system. Check the particular Regions you are able to work in.

Click Save Region Preferences at the bottom of the screen
The “Please prioritize your chosen regions” section opens at the bottom of the page, pre-populated with the Regions you chose. Choose your order of Preference where the Region you prefer most is 1, second most preferred is 2, etc. Use the “Up” and “Down” arrows to set the Region you most prefer at the top as Preference “1”:

Click Save Region Preferences at the bottom when finished.


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