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Example: You want customers to pick from a list of locations where they can pickup the items that they are ordering.

To get started go  to "Settings" > "Configuration" from the main navigation. Scroll down and expand the "Shipping" section and enable the option: "Allows multiple ship to addresses in the shopping cart". This option both allows pickup locations to be used and allows customers to ship products to different locations.


Next you'll need to setup pickup location(s) that customers can select from when they checkout. Go to "Settings" > "Locations" and either edit an existing location or add a new location that will be used as a pickup location.


For location type add, "Pick-Up" as an option.

Note: A location can be set to multiple types, it does not have to be JUST a pick-up location.


If you want to offer multiple pick-up locations make sure you set up all of the locations that you want to allow customers to pick-up from.

Once you've create all of the pickup locations that you want to offer to your customers, you'll need to either assign the pickup locations to individual products or a region/category of products.

To assign a pickup location to an individual product, select "Products" from the main navigation, then select the product that you'd like to allow pick-up locations for.

First you must select the "Advanced" tab and check "Enable Shipping" and "Has Pickup Locations" for this product. There are numerous other options in this section to customize shipping, but we will just be focusing on the pickup options in this tutorial.


Next switch to the "Assignments" tab, then select "Pickup Locations" in the left column.


Simply drag and drop the pickup locations you want to offer for this product and click save. Now when your customers purchase this product they will have the option to select a pickup location.

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