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Users can apply to open positions through the shopping cart side of the system. As an Admin, you set up available positions and the application process for each position. Applicants can apply to these positions through the Apply Online process. The Checklist link shows the Applicant where they are in the application process for particular positions.

Example: You are an applicant who wants to see where you are in the application process for a summer camp Counselor position.

How To: Click Login to sign into your account. Navigate to the Staff menu. Click on it and expand the Staff drop-down menu:

Click Checklist.
The "Manage Staff Corner" screen opens, displaying available Staff positions and your application process for each position. Find the Staff position you want to check on. The Status column displays how far along you are in the process for applying for that position; the CheckList button takes you to your Checklist items for that position.


Click Checklist for the desired position. This opens the "Applicant Check List" screen:

Click on the links for the items to open the particular form or document and complete it. Once an item is complete,  the “Complete” box will be checked and the “Date Completed” and “Expiration Date” fields will populate.

Note: Employment Checklist items are divided into “Pre-Hire” and “Post-Hire.” Once you complete all “Pre-Hire” items, a hiring decision can be made. If you are hired, you will be notified via email and then will be required to complete the “Post-Hire” checklist items.

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