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The account member search is a feature that can be used by a cart user that allows a cart user to look up an account participant when purchasing a product so that they can purchase the item on the other account participants behalf. Only products that have been designated as being allowed to be purchased by an alternate account will have the ability to look up other account participants.

Getting Started

In order for this feature to be used successfully there are a few things that need to be set up to make that happen. First, products must be set to Single Page Checkout, and the "Allow purchase by alternate account" option needs to be selected.  Second, the "Auto create a participant for a new account" configuration must be enabled. The last requirement is to navigate to Settings > Account Member Search and enable this feature. 

Account Member Search

Log into the admin section of your database.

Navigate to Settings > Setup > Account Member Search
Here you can determine how a member can be looked up when a product is allowed to be purchased by an alternate account.
Required Search Controls
Email and Username are the required search controls for this feature. You can use email only, username only or both. At least one of these has to be selected.
Optional Search Controls
There are four optional search controls that you can require the user to have in order to locate an account. These are First NameLast NamePhone Number, and Membership Number. You can leave these as optional or you can also make them required. Please note that the user must match all search criteria in order for an account to be found.
Account Member Search Terms
There are a number of custom terms you can also change. These terms are used when a user uses the member search to look for another account participant.
The final step in setting this feature up is making sure you Save then Enable the feature at the top of the screen.

Product Setup

You must enable these options on every product that you would like to allow to be purchased by an alternate account. To do this, simply navigate to the product you want to use. Click the Advanced tab. Scroll down until you see the Single Page Checkout option. This option MUST be checked in order for the Allow purchase by alternate account participants option to show. Check the Allow purchase by alternate account participants option to enable the Account Member Search on this product.
This feature works in conjunction with the Force the Account Holder to be the participant, it will also work with the available required product options such as require purchase Every time, Once Between and Once Within options.


There are three new configurations that have been created for this feature for users who have not logged into the cart yet:
SPC Account Member Search Term - This is the term that is displayed above the search button and as the button text
Description shown near the account member search button for Single Page Checkout - 
This is the text that displays alongside the search button
Hide the account member search heading on Single Page Checkout - This config turns on or off the Account Member Search Term header.

Cart Side View

When a user is looking at a product that has the Allow purchase by alternate account participants selected they are presented with a Search option. They would click the Search Participant(s) tab to initiate the search.
In this example Email and Last Name are required. If the search results do not match exactly then no results are returned.
When the search criteria matches completely then results will be returned.

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