Changing the Theme

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ThemeRoller is a web application that offers an easy and intuitive interface for designing your Shopping Cart. ThemeRoller (combined with our custom Style Sheet) provides you with complete control over your site.

The ThemeRoller Interface:


The interface for ThemeRoller is categorized into panels for global font and corner radius settings, widget container styles, and interaction states for clickable elements, and various styles for overlays and shadows. These panels allow configuration of various CSS properties such as font size, color, and weight, background color and texture, border color, text color, icon color, corner radius, and more!

The Theme Gallery: Pre-Rolled Themes


ThemeRoller themes can be viewed via permalink URLs, and it includes a gallery of pre-designed themes to choose from. The theme gallery is accessible through the tab strip located at the top of the application interface. From the gallery, you can preview and download themes, or even choose to tweak a theme further in the "Roll Your Own."

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