Editing Page Layouts

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Note: This tool is for advanced users with programming experience.  Help is listed below, but we recommend connecting with your account executive for assistance with this feature.


Page Layouts control the location of all elements in the Shopping Cart. All extra code added needs to be surrounded in <literal> </literal> Tags. Code is parsed with xml and certain elements cannot be parsed.

Elements that cannot be parsed - &nbsp;, &, border=0.

If you are unable to access the Shopping Cart, remove the code and check for invalid characters.

Example: To add in the Email Subscribe widget, open Page Layouts and add the widget's code to the left or right sidebar.  To define sidebars, add below closing tag of </search> or </shoppingcart>

<emailOptinSmall Title="Signup for our free Newsletter" SubmitButtonText="Newsletter Signup"> </emailOptinSmall>


Remember: Any unclosed selectors will not allow the xml to parse and it will break the shopping cart. Before adding code, make sure all selectors are closed.

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