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You are now able to group people who attend your events into five group types of your choice. You may use one of these group types as a "Group By" option. You can then set up to three sort options for how to sort participants within a group. You can also setup custom headers on your attendance and sign out sheets, as well as customized participant data and notes at the bottom.

Getting Started

The first thing you'll want to do is set up your Attendance & Sign-Out Sheets. There is only one attendance/sign-out sheet. You can not add a new one or delete the current one.
To get there you will navigate to Settings > Setup > Attendance & Sign-Out
This opens the Attendance & Sign-out sheet settings page. Here you can modify your attendance and sign-out sheets to your own specifications.

Sheet Setup

When setting up the attendance & sign-out sheets you will start with Grouping and Sorting. These options will be the same on both the attendance and sign-out sheet.


You have the option of creating up to five different groups type names. For instance, you may want to create the following:

  • Class
  • Level
  • Team

You do not have to use all five group types so they can be left blank. You then can select which group type you would like to group by.


Next you can choose up to three different fields to sort by. By default it will sort by Participant Last Name, Participant First Name in ascending order.

There are three categories that you are able to sort by. They include: Groups, Account, and Participant.
You must save your available attendance groups before setting one as a sort item (so in the top of the screen, create the group, save, then set sorting below, then save again)
While you can do it, it is redundant to group and sort by the same grouping. The first thing that happens is participants are grouped by the Attendance Group marked as “group by” – so sorting by that as well will have no effect.
You also have the option to show any participants that are not grouped first on the attendance screen.

Custom Header

Next you can customize the header of your Attendance & Sign-Out sheets. Each header is available for customization by toggling between the Attendance and Sign-Out tabs. 
There are operators for the product and organization for you to use when creating your header. 
Participant Fields
The participant fields are used to customize the information shown for each participant; including participant data, account data and custom form data. If a given participant doesn’t have data for the relevant field, we don’t show the label (if they didn’t answer a question, for example; or if they didn’t set a DOB so you can’t calculate age).
You can customize the label for each field that you pick.
There will be a default field called : Name that displays the participant First Name Last Name.
To add a new field click the + New Participant Field button
A new field is placed under the last field you have setup. Here you can choose what field you want to display and then add a label to it.
Start by selecting if the data is from the Account, Participant, or Form.
Account data includes items about the account holder such as phone number, email, and more.
Participant data includes items about the participant registered such as name, gender, age, and more.
When adding form data, you first select the form you want to use, then the question on the form.
You can drag each field up or down to re-order the display order for the Participant fields.
The same options are available on the Sign Out Sheet to define what participant information is shown on the sign out sheet.

Note Labels (Attendance Sheet Only)

There are up to four product-level notes that can be added as boxes at the bottom of the attendance sheet with custom labels. If a label isn't defined they won't show up on the attendance sheet.

Show Sign-In and Sign-Out fields in print out (Sign-Out Sheet ONLY)

For the Sign-Out sheet there is an option to show the Sign-In and Sign-Out fields in the print out. Check the box to allow this.
Taking Attendance
Click Here to learn more about taking attendance once your Attendance Sign-In/Sign-Out sheets have been created.

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