Managing Admin Pages

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The Admin Pages in Event Manager "Settings > Admin Pages" are the actual pages that are available to users in Event Manager itself. From this page you will be able to control the access rights of Users and Groups for all Event Manager Administration pages.

Example: You have three users who have different jobs in the system, so they need different access. Each user "inherits" their general rights to these pages from the group to which they are assigned. The specific user rights however, may be allowed or denied from here.

How To: Adjust rights for a specific user, giving access all the screens they need, yet denying access to areas where they do not require it. Accounting people may need to see how a client paid for a product, but they don't need access to change the product inventory, or description details themselves.

The "Select Admin Page" button displays a model to choose a admin page to add permissions.


Pick page to display the permission options.


At first glance, the screen can look intimidating, but it is really just a matter of understanding what each
section does.

Note: All pages are nested below Dashboard. Therefore, all administrative users must have access to Dashboard, or they will not be able to inherit permission to view any other pages.

After choosing a page, you can select Help, User Groups, or Users to assign.


Note on the left side that any admin page can be "Set Page as Default Login Landing Page". This means that administrators would be directed to the selected page immediately after logging in.

Note: If you choose an alternative default landing page, all Admin users must have access to the page or they will not be able to login.

In the example above, note the Users in the Unassigned Column and in the Assigned Column. Like Categories, the greyed out users have inherited their access from a higher Admin Page. The permissions available on most pages are:

  • Activate - this allows the admin user to activate or inactivate products/discounts/etc. depending upon the page the assignment is made on.
  • Write - this allows the admin user to make changes to active or inactive items and save them; such as changing prices/inventory/coupon codes/etc. depending upon the page the assignment is made on.
  • Read - the administrator would only be able to view the item, such as see details/rosters/etc.
  • Deny - the administrator would not see the page at all.

Drag-and-Drop section – Select the active user or group and assign access here. Search for Unassigned permissions. Find and drag to the right Assigned panel.


Use the Selected Item Editing to make specific changes to the pages themselves.
To give appropriate access to Admin pages for each user, the user must first be given general rights by assigning that user to a group.


The same step-by-step process is used to assign rights to Users as well.

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