Reports - Scheduling Automated Delivery

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You can schedule reports to be ran automatically. The reports can be delivered to yourself, or they can be delivered them to other people. The reports are filtered and formatted to your specification. They can be ran whenever you want them to be run, and they can be run for however long you want them to be ran. Schedules are made on the Edit Details screen.

Getting Started

Login to your Administrative Console, click the Reports button, and click the Edit Details icon.mceclip0.png

On the Edit Report screen, click on the Add Schedule button.

The Add Schedule Modal - Basics

The Add Schedule modal is where you can select your Report's: recipients, format, run time, run recurrence, and recurrence duration. You can also setup an FTP Upload, and you can Inactivate the Schedule. When the Schedule is Inactive, it will not be Run.

(NOTE: To utilize the FTP Upload you will need to forward your FTP destination(s) to the support team.  We will then add those destinations as options accessible through the FTP Server drop down as seen in the image below. If your database does not include any FTP Destinations you will not see FTP upload as an option.)


Add Schedule Modal - The "Email To" Section

The "Email To" section allows you to select Users and Groups of Users to be recipients of your Report.

Selecting Users and Groups of Users
 Click to open a menu, type to filter the list, and click a list item to select it.
Viewing and Removing Users and Groups of Users
Selected Users and Groups are now listed. Click the cancel 'X' icon to remove them.

Adding and Removing Outside Email Addresses
You can also input a list of outside email addresses to receive your Reports. Input one or more email addresses. If you add multiple addresses, then insert a space, comma, or semi-colon between each one. To remove one, delete the address.

The Add Schedule Modal - The FTP Upload Section

Scheduled reports can also be delivered over FTP. For more information, contact support at or +1 (509) 252-1987.

The Add Schedule Modal - The Format Section

The default Format is Excel. To change this, click to open the Format Menu and make an alternative format selection.

The Add Schedule Modal - The Dates & Times Section

The Dates & Times section is where you define: the date when your Report will first Run, the date when it will last Run, and the time of day when it Runs.  

Dates & Times - Run Time and Start Date
Click the Run Time and the Start Date fields to use date and time calendars to select the time of day that the Report will Run, and the first date on which the Report will Run.

Dates & Times - End Date Options
You can choose when the Report will end by: a date, a number of occurrences, or "No End".
You can choose the number of occurrences that that Report will Run, or you can leave the default option at "No End."

Dates & Times - No End Date
The Report will be run until this changes, the Report or Schedule is Inactivated, or the Report is Deleted.  

Dates & Times - End After a Number of Occurrences
Select "End After" and input the total number of occurrences that you would like for your Report to Run.

Dates & Times - End By a Specific Date

In this example, your Report will Run at 8:00 am, starting on 8/30/2017, and ending by 12/31/2017.

Dates & Times - Recurrence Patterns

Your Report can Run on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly pattern. Select your Recur Pattern. Then make additional selections based on the pattern.

Recurrence Patterns - Daily and Weekly
Select Daily or Weekly. Then, select how many Days or Weeks it will Recur. Then select which Days of the Week it will Recur. In this example, the Report will run Daily on every single Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If I instead said to Recur Every "2" days, it would run Daily on every other Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

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