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There are many seeded Reports in your database, and you may create a new Report at any time. The benefit of creating your own Reports, as opposed to solely using the seeded ones, is that you can create multiple versions of the same type of report. For example, you could have two reports targeting the data differently to solve different problems. Also, you could have different reports for different users and hide sensitive fields (like revenue) on one of them.

Getting Started

Login to the Administrative Console of your database, click on the "Reports" link and click on the "Add New Report" button.

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Give it a Title

You will see the Edit Report screen. Input the title of your Report. 
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Select its Type

Select the type of report that you want to create. This will serve as the foundation of your Report. You can search through the different types, and they cover most reporting needs. Read their definitions to better understand them.

Note: We can also build you Custom Reports at the Custom Software Development Rate that is written in your Contract. Contact us at or at +1 (509) 252-1987, and we would be happy to find a solution.
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Save your Report

After you have made your selection of a Base Report, you can add an optional Description. This will help the Users of your Report understand it. When ready, click the "Save" button.
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Edit and Run your Report

After clicking the "Save" button for the first time on a new Report, you will be on the Edit Report screen. Here, you can do things like Edit Fields or Run Report. Those topics are covered in our Overview and Basics article.

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Add Users and Schedules to your Report

You can also add Users give them Permissions, and you can also Schedule automated delivery. Please see those articles to learn how.
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