Require Payment Method to order specific products

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 As a customer without a payment method on file, in a database that requires it to buy a given item, when I buy that item I want to be presented the payment information page and forced to enter my payment information in order to complete my order so that it is easy and obvious to me how to complete my order.  



Jane owns a small art studio, via her configio site she has different art sessions available. Instead of charging upfront for each session Jane has chosen to collect from the attendees after the art session was completed. This way she could correctly charge for the supplies and canvas size that the attendees chose and made use of when they arrived at the studio for their session. 

Getting Started

Navigate to the products section of the Admin Console and search for the product you are going to require a payment method for. After locating the product click on the "Advanced" menu option.
From the advanced menu locate the billing section, there you will find the option of "Require payment method to process order" 
During the checkout process the account holder will be asked to input a valid payment method before they are allowed to complete the checkout process. This warning will continue to display until the user adds a valid payment method.

Created 05/20

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