Dependent Product Display Groups

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Dependent Product Display groups allow you to cleanly organize your Dependent Product offerings into custom defined accordion style displays. This article assumes you have a basic knowledge of assigning Dependent Products; Click here for more information about Product Assignment.


There are a few configurations that you should modify in order to use this feature.
There is a configuration to show the groups in an accordion, or fully expanded. (ON to fully expand, OFF to show one at a time in an accordion style)
There is another configuration to force all accordions to expand before moving forward.
You can also modify the text that is displayed when all dependent product display groups need to be viewed before continuing.
To modify these configurations, navigate to Settings > Setup > Configuration
Search for "dependent product display" you should see the following configurations listed in the Shopping Cart section.
Modify each configuration as needed and be sure to hit the Save button, so your changes are saved correctly.

Creating Dependent Product Display Groups

The first thing you need to do, is to create a dependent product display group. This is done by doing the following:
Navigate to Settings > Assignments > Product Display Groups
Click on the Dependent Products tab:
Click the + New Product Display Group button.
Give your dependent product display group a title, select the number of columns and enter a description. Leave the Type as Dependent Products. You can give each group a sort order. You also have the option to group by Date.

Assigning Products to a Dependent Product Display Group

Once your dependent product display groups have been created, you can start assigning them to your products. You do this on the Advanced tab when you create a product under the Dependent Product section. You can select from one of the four existing dependent display types, or from a Display Group you just created:

Cart View of Dependent Product Display Group

When a customer purchases a product and a dependent product, while some are assigned to dependent product display groups and some are not, they appear in the cart in this order:
Dependent products not assigned to a dependent product display group are listed first, then dependent product display groups are listed in the sort order you defined when setting them up.
Clicking on the next group accordion will expand it.
Clicking on the Continue button will also expand the next accordion.

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