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Search Tags

You can mark that a List is a Search Tag List, and then tag Products with Items in the List. This creates a robust and flexible Search system that can work independently or in concert with other Search Controls.

Note: If you want to use a Search Control that doesn't require the User to hit the "Search" button, such as a Region or Category Tree, and you would also like to use the Search Tag Control, then you must order the Search Control Group so that the Tag Control is after the other Control.

Getting Started

There are no Configurations related to Search Tags.

Adding Tags to a Search Control Group

Go to Settings -> Setup -> Search Controls. Click the Edit Items button for the Search Control Group that you want to add the Tag Search Control to.

Click the “Add New Search Control” button, then find Search Tags in the Search Type menu.


There are two types to choose from: Checkbox and Dropdown. Checkbox will allow your Customers to choose multiple Tags from a single List, and Dropdown will disallow this. Make your selection, input a Title, and click the SAVE button.

Marking a List as a Search Tag List

Go to Settings -> Assignments -> Lists, and click the Edit Icon on the List that you want to be a Search Tag List. 
* Note: A search tag list are limited to 10 list items per search list group. Do not add more than 10 list items per group.

 Check the box next to “Search Tag” and click the SAVE button.  

Adding Tags to a Product

Go to Products, find the Product that you want to Tag, and click on the Search Tags tab. Click to Add a List to the Product, select the List, and click the ADD LIST button.

Check the Tags from the List that you want on the Product, and click the SAVE button.

Searching the Product Catalog using Tags

Customers can access Tags with the other Search Controls on the Product List page. If any of the Products that are in the List have a Tag, then the Tag is listed. Next to the Tag is a count of Products in the List that have that Tag.

If they select multiple tags from a single list, then any Products with any of the Tags are returned. This is called an “OR Match”. Note: selecting multiple Tags from a single List is only available via Checkbox type of Tags; it is not available via the Dropdown type. 

Below, I asked for Products that are Tagged "Beginner" OR "Intermediate". As you can see, a Product Tagged "Advanced" was also returned; the "2016 Pro Am" Product has both the Advanced and Intermediate Tags (see above), So, if a Product has multiple Tags from a single List, Customers need to only select any of the Tags to see the Product in the Search Results.

 If they choose Tags from different lists, then only Product with all of the Tags are returned when they hit the Search button. This is called an “AND Match”. 

Below, I selected the Tag "Advanced" from the Experience Levels List and "Medium" from the Track Length List. After I clicked the SEARCH button, the System only returned Products that were tagged both "Advanced" AND "Medium". 

If they choose multiple Tags within one List, and also choose Tags within another List, then then the same AND/OR rules apply. Below, I am requesting all Products with the "Beginner" OR "Intermediate" Tags, AND the "Short" tag.

As you can see, there was only Product that had this combination of Tags. And, as the there are no Products in the Search Results that have the "Intermediate" Tag, that Tag is no longer listed as a Search Control.

To clear a Tag, Customer can uncheck it and Search again. To start over, they can uncheck all tags (and clear any other search controls), and Search again. Or, they can click on the Menu link that returns the Product List page ("Shop" in the screenshot).


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