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Configio allows you to display a set of Featured Products in your product catalog at the top of the search results. A product can be featured on any search results pages, or just when it is in the search results.

Getting Started

There are a some of configuration options to visit first. Go to Settings->Configuration and search for "featured". Under Products, you will see "Enable featured product in search". Turn it ON. Under Shopping Cart, you will see two configurations -- one will limit how many Featured Products will be displayed, and the other will define what the label above the featured products will read. Make your changes, and click the "Save" button.
Featuring via the Product's Advanced Tab
You can use the Product's Advanced Tab to indicate that it should be featured. In the Cart Options section, there is a "Featured Product Options" control. The values are "Not Featured,"  "Featured Across All Products," and"Featured Within Search." Choose "Featured Within Search" if you want the Product to be feature only when it is in the search results. Click the "Save" button.

Featured Products and Variations
Individual variations of master Products are not displayed within Search Results. Therefore, it is a best practice to just set the Featured Product Option on the Master. 

Sorting Featured Products

You can control the sort order of Products. This control works within the Featured Products section. This is especially useful if you have more Products marked as featured than your "The maximum number of items that can be shown in the Featured Products section" configuration. 

Go to a Featured Product's Advanced Tab. In the Cart Options section, input a Sort Order value, with "1" being the highest.

Viewing your Featured Products in the Cart

Navigate to your Shopping Cart to view the Featured Products section. 


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