Shipping Insurance

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Example: You want to offer shipping insurance for a product that your selling through Event Manager.

Note: Shipping insurance is only available for FedEx and UPS, it is not available for Endicia or USPS

Start by selecting "Products" from the main menu, then selecting the product that you would like to add shipping insurance too. When the product has shipping enabled two fields will appear: "insured value" and "insurance amount to charge".


Depending on if you use "Carrier Pricing" or "Ship first / Ship additional" for your shipping option the insurance is calculated slightly differently. By selecting "Carrier Pricing" when the system calculates the shipping that a customer will pay for the product it will dynamically calculate the total shipping price via FedEx's or UPS's servers. By selecting "Ship first / Ship additional" when the system calculates the shipping that a customer will pay the "Insurance amount to charge" is the price that will be added to the rate returned from FedEx or UPS.

Example: You have a product with a $2.00 ship first and $4.00 ship additional and insurance value of $5.00. The first item would be $7.00 for shipping and every quantity of 2 or more would be $9.00 for shipping.

When fulfilling order from the admin interface a new field will display the insurance value that was used when the order was placed. It will automatically populated with the insurance amount on each product that you select. You can optionally override the value by entering a custom amount into this field.


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