Product Variations All Tab

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The All Tab on Product Variations enables you to simultaneously make Product attribute changes to the Master and all of a Product's Variations. For example, if you wanted to update the Online End and the Purchase End Dates on all Variations, you could use the feature instead of making changes on each individual Variation.

Please Note: This is a powerful feature. Please take care when using it. While it enables you to update the attributes on your Products efficiently, incautious use could create undesirable results.


The Product Variations All Tab

Login to the Administrative side of your database. Navigate to Products. Select the Product with Variations that you want to update. Select "All" in the Variations dropdown menu.

Navigate to the Product attribute that you would like to update, select the checkbox to the left to indicate you want to edit said field, input the new value, and click the Save button.

Please Note: Adding a long description on this page will create a new description tab for the Master and all Variations, it does not edit an existing description.



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