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SCORM is a technical standard for e-learning software products. The acronym SCORM means Shareable Content Object Reference Model and governs how online learning content, such as what you would find in a Learning Management System (LMS), communicates with each other. Configio databases are compatible with SCORM content by allowing .zip files to be uploaded and used through the Configio LMS.

Note: We recommend keeping your SCORM file size below 60MB.

Getting Started

To upload a SCORM .zip file, go to Settings > Assignments > SCORM Content


Click the Add New SCORM Content button.

Edit and Upload SCORM Content


On the Edit SCORM Content screen, you must Title all content before clicking Save.


Activate / Inactivate - Active content may be used in the LMS, Inactive content may not be viewed by the Learner
View Inline - The content will be displayed inside the current window. Leaving this option off will display the content in a pop-up window
Max Score - If the Max Score is not already part of the SCORM content, you may set the at variable here
Finish Button - If the SCORM content does not include an Exit or Finish button, this option will add one

Note: The Choose File and Upload buttons will be visible only after a Title and options have been saved.

Click the Choose File button to select a SCORM .zip file from a local source.
Pick the file to upload and click the Open button.
On the Edit SCORM Content screen, verify the content to add and click the Upload button.
The message "SCORM Content successfully uploaded!" and the SCORM Title will appear, once a valid SCORM .zip file has been uploaded.


The Preview icon, which looks like a Play button from a DVD Player will appear in the top, right-hand corner of the screen.
Click this button to Preview the SCORM content as it would appear to the Learner.
If the content does not appear as expected, or the wrong file was selected, you may click the Delete button to remove the content.
SCORM courses may be included independently as a Course, or as a component of a Course, Track or Path in the Configio LMS.

To learn more about content creation read the article Creating Learning Management System (LMS) Content

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