Cascading Dropdowns

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Admins can create a cascading dropdown of questions which can be assigned to a form; shopping cart customers can then select answers from the pre-defined list that was generated. 


Getting Started

To create a cascading drop down; hover mouse cursor over Settings and click on Cascading Dropdowns under the assignments column:

Click the New Cascade button:
Enter a Title for the cascading dropdown then click Save:
If you are creating a brand new cascading dropdown you will need to download the available template
Note:The template provided is in Microsoft Excel format(.xlsx)
Example: A Kids camp that is being offered for purchase includes a complimentary black or white T-Shirt for the kids that are registered. The camp director needs to know how many boys and girls shirts in the offered colors and sizes are needed so they can supply the shirts for the campers. The following data needs to be included in the template for the cascading dropdown
To upload your completed spreadsheet click Browse 
After you have located and chosen the file to upload the file name will appear
Click Upload File
Upon clicking upload file the modal will display the column header names and the total rows that have been added to the cascading dropdown
(Note that the Download Template button has been changed to Download Cascade, this indicates that the cascading dropdown has a file that has been previously uploaded)

Assigning the Cascading Dropdown to a Form

Once you have successfully uploaded the template, the next step is to assign the cascading dropdown to a form.
Cascading dropdowns can be assigned to an existing form or a new form, they can be assigned to the following form types:

To assign a cascading drop down to a form Navigate to Settings>Assignments>Forms
If you need to create a new form please refer to our Creating a Form document
Once you have a form available that you would like to assign a cascading drop down to select "Edit Questions" for that form
Click on "Add New Question"
Choose the Cascade Form Question
Next, create a title for the question and then choose the cascading dropdown that you want associated with the form
Once you have added a title and selected the cascade that you want to use click Save
Note: Allow Other Answer will allow customers to select "Other" from any of the Cascade's drop-downs, then allow them to enter a text response in place of the selected answer.

Assigning the Cascading Dropdown Form to a Product

Now that you have created your cascading dropdown and assigned it to a form, the next step is to assign the form to a product. 
Navigate to Products and select the product you want the cascading dropdown assigned to, then click on "Assignments" and assign the form that you associated with the cascading dropdown question then click Save
The cascading dropdown that you selected will now display on the form that you assigned it to

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