Setting Sort Order on Forms

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Admin's can now designate the sort order on certain form types so that when customers complete form information; the forms are displayed in the order dictated by the admin.  

Getting Started

To manage the sort order of forms navigate to Settings > Assignments > Forms  
Sort order of forms applies to the Product and Product Participant form types.
Sort Order for Forms 
When creating a new form there is an option to set the sort order for that specific form. 


Determining the sort order of forms will change the order in which the questions from each form are presented on your cart and checkout pages.
The participant form will always be the first form that is displayed, any Product and Product Participant forms assigned will be ordered by the sort order that is set on each form. 
For single page checkout, the forms are presented by their assigned sort order below the participant details and Participant form.

For non-single page checkout, the forms are presented first by type of form, and then by sort order at the forms step during checkout. After the participant form; the product participant form(s) will be displayed, then product form(s). The Product Participant and Product forms will honor the sort order within each form type that was set by the admin. 

Editing the sort order of an existing form

Updating an existing form or cloning a form with no sort order set will automatically set the sort order to the next highest value. 


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