Allowing Customers to Opt-In/Out their Email Addresses to Marketing Campaigns

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When Accounts are created in Configio, the Account's email address will be able to receive marketing campaign emails by default. Configio also allows you to require new Accounts to opt-in to marketing emails. As different countries have different laws governing this, the feature is on a country-by-country basis. The Edit Account screen in the administrative side of your database will display the Account's opt-in status. You can also update their status directly from this screen.

Please Note: Marketing campaigns can target Account email addresses as well as Participant email address. When an Account's email address is opted-out, the email address is opted-out of all campaigns. So, if a Participant shares an email address with an Account, and that email address is opted-out, that Participant will also be de facto opted out of Participant email marketing campaigns.

Getting Started

There are three system configurations related to the feature. Login to the administrative side of the database, navigate to Settings --> Setup --> Configuration, and search for "marketing emails". Turn ON the configuration "Enable asking the account if they want to opt out of marketing emails". There is also a configuration to control the text that is displayed. The stock text is "Do you want to receive marketing emails?". Click to Save.

You will also need to collect the address to determine the country, so turn ON the configuration "Ask for address when creating an Account".

Updating Countries
Navigate to Settings --> Setup --> Countries & States. You will be shown a list of countries. Every country will have Require Email Opt-in" not checked by default. To change this, click the Edit Icon, check it, click the Update button.

The Customer's Experience

When creating a new Account, the Account Address modal will be displayed. If they choose a country that requires email marketing opt-in, then they will be asked to opt-in or out.

Changing the Status via the Admin

Login to the administrative side of the database, navigate to Accounts, find the Account, and click the Edit Account button. There is a "Receive marketing email" field. Change the value, and click the SAVE button.

Finding Opt-Out Status via Reports and Search

There is a reported titled "Email OptOut and Unsubscribe". Running it will list opt-out addresses as "Unsubscribe". You can also search for opted-out email addresses via the Email Campaigns tool. Navigate to Settings --> Management --> Email Campaigns, locate section three "Upload Unsubscribed Email Address(es)", and search for the email address. If it is opted-out, it will come back as unsubscribed.

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