Email Campaigns with Mapped Data

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Email Campaign messages with Mapped Data allow you to input custom operators for an email campaign message, and easily upload a spreadsheet with the data.

Create a new Custom Campaign by going to Settings, under the Assignments column select Email Messages, then click the 'Add New Email' button:


When creating the email, give the message an appropriate title for your reference and select the Type 'Email Campaign with mapped data':


The resulting new email message will have no operators built, but will allow you to upload a spreadsheet of columns:


Note: At least one column needs to be Email (or email, e-mail, E-mail) as this spreadsheet will be used to later build the distribution list.

A sample spreadsheet would look like this:


Note: Excel may format your data as a date, currency amount, or other formatted data. Be sure to format your data as plain text if you wish to send the data in such a manner. For example, Excel may change "June 14th, 2015" to "06/14/2015 12:00:00am".

After saving the spreadsheet and uploading it, the resulting columns of Email, First Name, Last Name, and Favorite Color are added to the operators. You can then craft your message just like any other email:


Note: These Tags are different from conventional operators in other email messages. You can add these tags to the subject line, and even embed them as links.

Once the message is Saved, and set to Active, go to Settings > Management > Email Campaigns to send the campaign. The campaign message will be available under Message:


Upon selecting the Mapped message, note that the distribution lists to Include and Exclude are removed and replaced with a field to upload the complete spreadsheet:


Complete the basics of the campaign (Campaign Name, Send Date, From Identity, and Select Message). Then click Browse to choose the spreadsheet of emails and associated data. Finally, click Schedule Campaign and the spreadsheet will build the appropriate number of email messages to send.

Note: Mapped Campaigns do not de-duplicate email addresses as standard campaigns do. If a specific email is on the spreadsheet multiple times, they will receive the email multiple times.

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