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Vouchers are a Product type when purchased, generate an email message containing activation instructions. Once activated, the system sends a second email message which includes the code to use for a future purchase. Vouchers may be configured to be used to purchase specific Products, have customized codes generated for use, and when those codes will expire. Management of active, yet unused Voucher Codes is included to assist in providing customer support.

Getting Started
Login to the Administrative portion of your database, click on Settings > Setup > Configuration, and search for "voucher". Alternately, navigate to the Payment Processing: Vouchers section.

Verify that 'Enable Voucher as payment' is ON. Make other configuration changes to suit your needs.
If there are any questions regarding setting up Vouchers, please contact us.

Creating a Voucher Product

Login to the Administrative side of your database and navigate to Products. Click the Add New Product button, choose Voucher as the type, input a Name, and click the Create button.

Select a Location, enter the quantity Available, the Price, and how many Uses are available. In the example below, each Voucher costs $100.00 and may be used five times. Set the date ranges that the Voucher product will be available online and when it is available for Purchase. Click the Save button.

Email Messages

The database contains sample versions of two types of Email Messages which are specific to Vouchers. To view them, navigate to Settings > Assignments > Email Messages. Search for "voucher". You will see Voucher Activation and Voucher Confirmation messages. Click on the Edit Icon to view.
Note: All of these messages may be customized to fit any business model.

Confirmation Message

The Voucher Confirmation message is sent whenever a Voucher is purchased. The Voucher operator creates a table, including an activation link, so it is an essential part of any Voucher Confirmation message.

Activation Message

The Voucher Activation message is sent once the Voucher has been activated. Here, the operators Voucher Number, Voucher Uses and Voucher Code become necessary to add.

Assigning Messages to a Product

Under Products, select the specific Product to which the message will be assigned. Click the Assignments tab, select Email Messages and drag one or more messages from the Unassigned column to the Assigned column. Check that each message is set to Apply.


Assigning Vouchers to Products

To make a Product eligible for purchase by Voucher, it must be assigned a code. Navigate to Products, select the Product to be purchased by Voucher, go to the Assignments tab, select Vouchers and drag the Voucher to be used for purchasing this Product from the Unassigned column to the Assigned column. Finally, make sure the assigned Voucher is set to Apply.

Purchasing Vouchers

Customers may purchase Vouchers like any other Product. Once purchased, it can be activated through the link contained in the Confirmation email message. After a Voucher has been activated, it may be used toward the purchase of any Product to which it has been assigned.

Using a Voucher Code

Products that may be purchased with a Voucher are processed during Checkout. On the Payment screen, enter the code in the Voucher Code field and click the Validate button. If the code is valid toward a Product in the Cart, new fields appear indicating which Products in the Cart are eligible and how many times the Code may be used. The customer may enter the number of  Uses to consume, then click the Add button. In the example below, the Voucher has five remaining Uses, there is one Product that may be purchased by Voucher and the customer is going to consume one Use to pay for the Product.

Once the information has been entered, click the Add button to use the Voucher, then the Save and Continue button. At the Process Payment screen, click the Process Order button to complete the transaction and the Voucher will have four Uses remaining.

Taxes and Vouchers

If you charge tax on a Voucher, then when the Voucher code is used to purchase a Product, then that Product will not be taxed.

Leveling the Price of Purchased Products

You can make your Voucher level the price of the Product that the Voucher is applied towards. For example, if the Price of your Voucher is $100, and if it has five uses, then each Product that the Voucher is applied towards will have its Price leveled to $20, because $20 is a one fifth of $100. This feature is enabled via a setting on the Voucher. In the Required section of the Main tab of your Voucher, check the "Use Level Pricing" box, and click the "Save" button.  

In the screenshot below, I have added two Voucher eligible Products to the Shopping Cart and proceeded to the Payments page of Checkout. The prices of the Products are $50 and $10.  

I then inputted the Voucher code and used it twice. On the Process Payment tab, the price of the two Products has been leveled to $20.

This leveled price is then shown throughout the system, such as on the Purchase Confirmation screen.

Voucher Management

Navigate to Settings > Management > Vouchers. This tool is a quick and easy way to find and control Voucher Codes which have been purchased by customers through the Shopping Cart.
This is not where new Vouchers are created, but is used to view and manage Vouchers that have already been purchased.

Example: Fifty Vouchers are sold to customers through the Shopping Cart. One of the customers did not activate the Voucher and it needs to be activated by an Administrator.
How To: Before the customer can use the Voucher, it needs to be enabled as a payment option in the Event Manager configuration. If this step has already been completed, skip ahead.
To enable Vouchers as a payment option, go to Settings > Setup > Configuration. Use the search box in the upper, left-hand corner to search for "vouchers". Set the configuration 'Enable Voucher as payment' to ON and click the Save button.


Next, go to Settings > Management > Vouchers. This will list all of the Vouchers that have been purchased.
You may search for a specific Voucher Code by using the search box in the upper, left-hand corner, entering the entire code, the first four characters, or the last four characters.


The Voucher list may be sorted by clicking one of the column headers to organize the Vouchers by that criteria.
Once you search for the Voucher number and find it in the list, click the Edit button on the far right to open edit options.


From here, an administrative note about the Voucher may be added using the Add Note button. Only Administrators may view these notes.


Uses may be added or removed from the Voucher by entering the number to add in the Add Uses field or remove in the Remove Uses field and clicking the Add or Remove button.


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