Using the Configuration Editor

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The Configuration Editor in Event Manager allows you to determine how different features of the system operate. You may want to change the text label on a particular button, alter the way information is displayed on a form, or even select the types of payments you can process. There are nearly two hundred specific ways to configure the database to your business needs. The ability to shape our system into your custom event manager is right in front of you.

Example: The default text for the Shopping Cart button used to buy an item is “Add to Cart,” but you want it to say something different. No problem!
How To: From the Configuration Editor screen, using the search bar at the top of the screen, find all instances of ‘Add to cart.' (1.) Locate "Add to cart text" (2.) and replace the default text with whatever label you prefer for that button, in this case "Register Now." (3.) Then click one of the Save buttons (4.) from the top or bottom of the screen.


Note: Changes made from this screen will be available to you the next time you log into the system.






Some systems can be difficult to use and are complicated to set up API information, but with our powerful, yet easy-to-use Configuration Editor, that potentially difficult task becomes as simple as changing a text label.

Note: The system refreshes regularly; seeing configuration changes may take anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours.  If you have made a change and do not see it displaying correctly, please consult your account executive.

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