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In Event Manager you control the search features and how they are displayed.  Choose from over a dozen unique Search Control based on your dynamic needs

Example: You have 3 different types of events you are promoting.  In order to separate the multiple times and locations in the Shopping Cart, the Category tree search tool is the perfect way to drive people precisely where you want them to be.
How To: Create your Categories first. Then start at Settings > Search Control.



Choose a search type
Pick an initial value and display title for the search feature


Now your customers can use the Search Feature in the Shopping Cart.


The placement of the Search Feature relative to other Search Features can be adjusted by clicking the up or down arrows.

  Note: If you want to use a Search Control that doesn't require the User to hit the "Search" button, such as a Region or Category Tree, and you would also like to use the Search Tag Control, then you must order the Search Control Group so that the Tag Control is after the other Control.  

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