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Cart, used where your customers register for events and purchase products from you.
Staff, used in your cart HR processes.

You are allowed access to these files so that you can match them to your exact processes.
Edit an existing help file

Example: You find that the system's generic Cart Login help file is lacking a detail specific to your business that might otherwise allow a customer to complete a registration. You want to add clarity regarding your very unique process.
How To: Start by finding the file you wish to change and select it from the list shown.


As you can see, the Cart - Login file contains text, but it can also have pictures, video, or even be embellished with custom HTML code thanks to the Tinymce editor. Add the specific detail you want your customers to see, then click Save on the lower left.


Example: You wish to add an additional help file but sadly I don’t know if you can!!!!!

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