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The Make a Payment link allows your customers to see their Account Balance details and any purchases with Unpaid Balances.

Tip: This is a handy tool to market to your Account Holders to reduce the number of payments you'll need to process over the phone or from incoming mail.
Example: Your customer registered for Sample Event 2, which cost $100. He paid a $15 deposit to hold his spot and now he wants to pay another $15 toward his outstanding balance of $85.
How To: Help your customer log into the Shopping Cart (or impersonate his account), then:

Click Make a Payment to open the "Account Payments" screen.


  • Unapplied Funds is money available on your account from previous purchases that have been refunded, or from other payments (cash or check).
  • Total Due is the sum of all Unpaid Balances for the Account.
  • Net Balance is the difference between Unapplied Funds and the Total Due.

In the lower list, your customer will see all Orders with unpaid balances. Ask him to enter the amount he wants to pay in the Amount box.

Click Add Payment to the left of the Amount box (highlighted area in Green below). Notice the Amount box does not change, but the Payment is added to the cart on the right (boxed in Red).


Click the Checkout button (shown with an arrow) to start the Checkout process and complete the payment.

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