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An Attachment in Configio is a document, file, or image that may be uploaded to the system and used in a Product, email or template.

Example: An Order Confirmation Email is to be sent with a company logo and a copy of general terms and conditions as a link for buyers to review. Attachments make this easy.

How To: 
First, files are uploaded to Configio as to be used as Attachments for the Order Confirmation Email. Under Settings > Assignments > Attachments, click the Add New Attachment button to upload the files.


The New Attachment window will appear.

Next, enter a Title and URL then click the Save button.
A URL may be selected by clicking the Browse button and click the filename from the Select File modal that appears.
The appropriate URL will populate the New Attachment screen based on the file selected.


Finally, new files may be added to Select Files by clicking the Upload button and the source, then select the files to add and clik the open button.
The selected files will be added to the list of possible Attachments.

Note: File Limitations
Valid extensions are jpg, jpeg, png, gif, html, htm, txt, docx, doc, zip, pdf
Maximum File Size: 50 MB

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