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Configio provides an HTML editor that is a web-based, feature-rich tool for writing the copy that describes your event and your registration process. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word or any other word possessing application you will already understand the basic functionality and process of this tool. This editor is used in many different areas throughout the system, and allows you to have full control over the content your customers will experience.

Example: When you create a new product, you'll use the HTML Editor to create the product's description. That will be the text your customers will see when viewing the item on your website.

Note: The HTML Editor is not limited to text. It also supports images, videos, formatting, tables, layouts, templates, and much much more!

For the majority of what you create, you'll be using these primary buttons.

These buttons allow you to do the following tasks:

  • Text editing: Bold, italic, underline and strike-through, along with paragraph formatting; simply highlight the relevant text and click.
  • Fonts: Adjust the font family, font size, and formatting.
  • Indent text: Simply highlight the text then click the indent or "outdent".
  • Text color: Change the color of your text and the highlight color that surrounds your text.
  • Preset styles: Use these drop-down menus to format text as headings or paragraphs.
  • List types: Either numbered or bullet points, just highlight the relevant text and click the button to format a list.
  • Insert image: Select the position in the article that you would like the image located, then click the insert image button.
  • Edit images: Change the spacing and alignment of your recently inserted image. Also lets you add captions and alternative text.
  • Link editor: Allows you to link to an external site or to one of your own pages.
  • Embed video: add a video by grabbing the URL of a web-based video source, such as YouTube, and clicking on the insert video button.
  • Change the HTML: click Tools and select Source Code from the drop-down.


See the File Manager help document for more information on adding images and other content.

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