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Coordinators are shopping cart users (as opposed to administrative users) who have special access to data and tools that other regular shopping cart do not have. Coordinators are members of organizations who may need information about participants, check them in, and register walk-ups. Coordinators can also pay for and manage orders placed by other members of their organization, manage organizational funds, and place orders for their organization.

Getting Started - Configurations

Your database will need to be in Organization Mode. Update your database to Organization Mode by logging into your administrative console, navigating to Settings > Setup > Configuration, finding the configuration titled "Organization Mode," turn it ON, and clicking the Save button.
Do a search for "Coordinator".
You will need to determine what coordinators will have access to. Most of these configurations are in the Coordinators section.
Others can be found in other sections like CRM, Email, Payment Processing: Refunds & Products.

Make your selections, and click the Save button. Please note that these configurations will affect all Coordinators across all Organizations. You can update the configurations later. If you have any questions, or need help determining best practices, please give us a call or drop us an email.

Getting Started - Forms

There are two relevant forms already in your database that you can modify. One is used when creating CRM leads and organizations. The other is when creating accounts and coordinators.

The CRM Lead Form

Navigate to Settings -> Assignments -> Forms and sort by "CRM Lead Form." Click the Edit Questions button to view and update the questions on the form.
By default, there is one question on the form. It is required. Click on the Add New Question button to collect more information on the form.
There are two types of questions: CRM Lead Questions and Custom Questions. CRM Lead Questions are unique to the CRM Lead Form. The questions correspond with fields on CRM Leads, so answers to those questions will populate the corresponding fields. Custom Questions allow you to gather additional information with great flexibility. They do not correspond to CRM Lead fields, but they do appear when viewing a lead or a report. Select a question to begin adding it to form. For more information, see the Creating Forms article.

The Account Form

The account form is used whenever an account is created, and this includes coordinator accounts. Navigate to Settings -> Assignments -> Forms and sort by "Account Form." There will already be a form. Click the Edit Questions button to view and update the questions on the form.
Important Note: If the form is marked Active, then it is a live account form, and making changes will effect your customers in real time. It may be wise to create a new account form, and when it is done, then to activate it. This will replace your existing account form.

Getting Started - Lists

The answer choices for some questions on the CRM Lead Form (and their corresponding fields) are from lists. To view and update the answer choices, go to Settings -> Assignments -> Lists and search for "lead." Select the Edit List Items icon to view and update the answer choices for the relevant Lead Form questions. For more information, see the Managing Lists article.

Creating an Organization

Go to your CRM and select the "New Lead" icon.

Enter a Lead Name and click the Complete button. You can optionally answer other questions including CRM Lead Form Questions. You will notice that the questions that are unique to the CRM Lead Form are not shown here. That is because they correspond to fields on the page. Selecting values for those fields will answer corresponding Lead Form questions.
Once the lead has been created you need to convert it to an Organization. Edit your newly created lead.
Click the "Convert to Organization" Button
Your new lead has now been converted to an organization.

Creating a Coordinator from the CRM

Coordinators are shopping cart accounts that have special privileges for one or more organizations. When viewing an organization, select either the Affiliations or the Roster tab.
Both tabs have an Add Affiliation button. Select it.
Search for the account by name. Select the name, select "Coordinator," and select the Save button. Optionally, update the other values. See below for explanations.
Note: If the account doesn't exist, select the Add New Account icon for a shortcut to the New Account screen and then return to this screen.

Account Affiliation Options

-Coordinator - An account that is granted special privileges on the cart side for general management, product requests / approvals
-Primary Coordinator - An organization can have several coordinators, but only one Primary Coordinator
-Learning Coordinator - A coordinator that is notified via email when an account within the organization reaches a predefined course status  
-Primary Affiliation - Accounts can be affiliated to more than one organization, but can only have one Primary Affiliation at a time
-Account Payer - A coordinator that pays for products purchased for an organization
-Approver - A coordinator that can approve products
-Accounts Receivable - Accounts that receive emails about payments
-Max Approval Amount - The max value for a product an approver is allowed to approve
Coordinator options are not available until the coordinator option has been selected.

Editing a Coordinator from the CRM

From either the Affiliations tab or the Roster tab, select the Edit icon on a Coordinator.
Make changes to the options and select the Save button. See above for definitions.

Creating and Managing a Coordinator from the Accounts Page

The tools for adding and editing coordinator access are also available when viewing an account. Go to Accounts, find and select the account, and select the Affiliations button.
The Account Affiliations screen will appear. It lists the account's past and current affiliations. Select the Add Affiliation button.
The Add Account Affiliations screen will appear. Search for the organization by name and select it. Select "Coordinator" and select the Save button. Optionally, update the other values. See the "Account Affiliation Options" section for explanations.
The Account Affiliations screen is shown, and they are now a coordinator. Select the Edit icon to update.

Associating an Event with a Coordinator

Begin to create your Event as usual. Ensure that on the Advanced tab, the Coordinator's Organization is selected, and that this selection is Saved.

Also, be sure to create a Calendar for the Event.

Logging in as a Coordinator

Your Coordinator will login to the frontend like a normal Shopping Cart User. Once they are authenticated, they will see a Coordinator Menu link.

Viewing an Event as a Coordinator

Opening the Coordinator Menu link returns a link to My Events. Selecting it returns a Grid View of all Events that are part of the Coordindator's Organization. Clicking the INFO button returns some additional product details.

Selecting an Event as a Coordinator

When viewing the Grid View of an Organization's Events as a Coordindator, clicking the SELECT button allows for additional functionality.

Click the MORE INFO button to access this functionality.

The REPORTS button allows the Coordinator to View and Print Reports. Clicking the INFO button returns additional product details. Clicking the ROSTER UPLOAD button allows them to add Participants to the Event.

Viewing Reports as a Coordinator

Any Report that that contains the ID Product field can be viewed by the Coordinator. These are the same Reports that appear on the Main Tab of a Product in the Admin. After selecting an Event, the Coordinator can click the MORE INFO button, then the REPORT button. They can select whichever Report they are interested, and click the Print button. Some Reports can also be Downloaded.

Uploading Event Rosters as a Coordinator

It is useful for a Coordinator to be able to add walkup Participants to the Event on the day of the Event. Click the ROSTER UPLOAD button via the MORE INFO screen of an Organization's Event. The Coordinator can download a template and then upload it to the System. They can choose to include the existing Roster and to Include any Forms that are on the Event. Click the DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE button.

An excel spreadsheet is generated and downloaded to your web browser. The first four columns contain system generated information:
Account ID: system generated ID (do not modify or input)
Participant ID: system generated ID (do not modify or input)
Attached Products: system generated info (do not modify or input)
ID Order Product Participant: system generated ID (do not modify or input)

The next five columns contain previously entered participant information (if requested), and are places to input information for new participants:
Participant First Name: input their first name (mandatory)
Participant Last Name: input their last name (mandatory)
Participant BirthDate: input their birthdate in MM/DD/YYYY format (optional)
Participant Gender(M/F): input their Gender as "M" or "F" (optional)
Participant Email: input their email address (optional)


Once the template file is completed with the information for the walkup Participants, the Coordinator can save it, then return to the Roster Upload screen, click the BROWSE button to locate the file, and click the UPLOAD button to upload the file.

If successful, there will be will "Roster upload is complete" messaging, a list of Participants added to the Event, and updated Participant totals.
Updated 6/2019

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