Organization Funds

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Organization Funds have been developed, under the Customer Relationship Management system, to allow purchases in Configio to be made with Funds from a particular Organization.
Individual purchases may be controlled with amount limits and expiration dates for each Code used. Since multiple Funds may be created and multiple Codes within each Fund may be generated, this feature allows any Organization to direct expenditures.

Getting Started

The database Configuration setting 'Organization Mode' should be set to On and a few label settings specific to Organization Funds should be reviewed.
These may be found under Settings > Setup > Configuration > Payment Processing > Organization Funds. Adjust these settings as necessary and click the Save button.

Creating a Fund

Under the CRM, open the Organization in which to create a Fund. Click on the Org Funds tab:

To create a New Fund, click on the Add New Fund button:

A new Fund requires only a Title to be created, however, a few things must be in place to make the Fund usable:

  • Created from the Start Amount, the Balance must be greater than zero.
  • At least one valid Code must be generated to use toward a purchase.
  • The Fund must be assigned to one or more Products.

Enter a Title and Start Amount, then click the Save Org Fund button.

For this example, the Fund is Titled ‘First Fund’, the Start Amount set to 1000... 'Balance' is initially set to the Start Amount. No other items have been setup:

Editing a Fund

To suit the needs of each Organization, many fields may be changed after a Fund has been created.
Each of the following fields will be changed upon clicking the Save Org Fund button:

Title – Name of the Fund.
Start Amount – Initial Balance of the Fund.
Balance – Use Adjust Fund Amount, select Increase, or Decrease and enter Amount to change the Balance.
Pretaxed – Checking the box identifies the Fund as pre-taxed; taxable items will have taxes removed at Checkout; adjustable until Fund is used.
Expiration Date – Applies to the entire Fund, makes the Fund unavailable as of 12:01am on the Date selected.
Discount Percentage – Percentage of Discount applied to all Products for which any portion of Org Funds are used.
Membership Level Pricing – Only one may be applied, pricing of all Products paid for by Org Funds will be adjusted at Checkout.
Coordinators Assigned – Click on field to see list, select Coordinators to allow Cart access to Fund information and receive warning notifications.
Admins Assigned – Click on field to see list, select Admins to receive warning notifications about this Fund.
Triggered Emails – Select warning messages to send for an Expiration date, or Balance amount. Recipients are selected in the Trigger.
Note: After any changes have been made, click the Save Org Fund button.

Master Code

Once a Fund has been created, the Org Funds screen displays a Codes section. The top of this new section is designated for the Master Code.
A Master Code is automatically generated by the system and may not be edited, but may be inactivated.
The Master Code may be used for the entire Fund and has its own Expiration Date.
To set, or change the Expiration date, enter the date in the Expiration field. To make the Master code Active or Inactive, click on the Active button to toggle.
Master Codes are used just like any other Code in the system and they are case-sensitive.
Note: Any changes made in this section must be saved by clicking the Save Master Code button.
Click the Add New Code button to see the Generate Code(s) modal.

Creating and Editing Codes

To Generate Codes, enter the required fields, select the character types to use and click the Generate Codes button.

Value per Code – Maximum limit each Code controls toward Purchases, Fund limitations may apply.
Quantity – Number of Codes to generate.
Total Length – The total number of characters for each code, includes prefixes and suffixes.
Prefix – Specific characters to include before each generated Code.
Suffix – Specific characters to include after each generated Code.
Expiration Date – Applies only up to the value of the Code, makes the Code invalid as of 12:01AM on the Date selected.
Character Types: Select the check box to use, Lower Case – Letters from a to z, Upper Case – Letters from A to Z, Numbers – Digits from 0 to 9
Note: All character type check boxes are selected by default.
As an example, each of the following ten (10) Codes generated will have: a value of $100.00, 16 characters, a prefix of ‘TEST’, a suffix of ’PROMO’, an Expiration Date of 12/31/2017 and each Code will use all three character types:

Other Codes

Codes generated from the input above are called Other Codes. This is simply to differentiate them from the Master Code. An example of generated codes is below:

Other Codes may be found by using the Search control in the upper, left-hand corner of the section.
The Search control is case-sensitive and may be used to search for any Code in the Fund.
Each column header may be clicked on to sort Other Codes by the criteria of that column.
An additional column of Active is included, as well as the ability to Show 10, 25 or 50 entries at a time.

Editing Other Codes

To Edit Other Codes, click the Edit Code button  at the far, right-hand side of the Code to be edited:

In the Edit Code modal, the Code may be inactivated, the Total Value of the Code may be Increased, or Decreased and the Expiration Date may be entered, or adjusted.
Click the Save button to retain any changes.

Assigning a Fund

Allowing Organization Funds to be used toward the purchase of a Product is done by assignment.
The Fund must be assigned to a Product before that Product may be purchased with Organization Funds.
Assigning the Fund to a Product may be done at the Category, Region, or Product level.
To assign at the Product level:

  • Go to the Products section
  • Select the Product to make available for Organization Funds purchase
  • Click on the Assignments tab
  • Select Organization Funds under the Assignments column
  • Drag the Fund to be used for purchasing this Product from the Unassigned column to the Assigned column
  • The assigned Fund should display as Apply

To assign at the Category or Region level:

  • Under Settings > Assignments > Categories or Regions
  • Click on the Select Category or Select Region button
  • Click the Category or Region to which you want the Organization Fund assigned
  • Select Organization Funds under the Assignments column
  • Drag the Fund to be used for purchasing this Product from the Unassigned column to the Assigned column
  • The assigned Fund should display as Apply  

Note: Since an assignment at this level must be an intersection of both Category and Region, a system message will appear.
Category or Region may be assigned by the system, or the Administrator may assign them separately.
Click OK to allow the system to complete this step.

Coordinator Access

The Fund has been created and a Coordinator has been assigned, giving them access to the Fund in the Shopping Cart.

Get to the Coordinator controls from the Shopping Cart by clicking the Coordinator Dashboard button under the Coordinator menu item.
Click on the Organization Funds tab to access any Funds to which the Coordinator has been assigned:
The display will show all Funds available to this Coordinator. If the Coordinator is assigned to multiple Funds, a Search control in the upper, left-hand corner of the Organization Funds section may be used to find the particular Fund the Coordinator needs to access. Click on the Edit Fund button to make changes:

Basic Information, Discounts & Pricing and Assignments information, which may only be changed by an Administrator, is available in the top section of the Edit fund page:

Coordinator Access is similar to the controls for an Administrator, so the layout of the page is also similar.
A Coordinator may Inactivate the Fund, Add New Codes, set or update the Expiration of the Master Code, change whether the Master Code is Active or Inactive and edit Other Codes like an Administrator. Each of the columns may be sorted by clicking on the header of that column.
Click the Edit Code button to make changes, or Add New Code, in the upper, right-hand corner, to generate Codes.

Making a Purchase

To make a Purchase during the Checkout process using Organization Funds, simply enter a Code in the Organization Funds section and click the Validate button:


Once the Code has been Validated, a new section will become available.
The name of the Fund, the last four characters of the Code in parenthesis and the maximum amount available for that Code are shown.
Enter the amount to Apply toward the Purchase and click Apply:


Complete the Purchase.
The Fund Balance and Code Value will be reduced by the amount of the Purchase until Funds are no longer available.

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