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Cart Landing Pages allow for products from an organization to be grouped together. The pages can be personalized with header and footer text. You can also personalize it with a custom Theme.

Note: Your database must be in Organization Mode to use this feature. Contact Support if you are unsure about using Organization Mode or how to turn it on.

Kristen runs an athlete training company, and she has partnered with Elite Athletes to sell their products on her site. Kristen wants to group their products together, and she want to write some text to introduce them to her customers.

Updating the CRM 

First, the partner needs to be set as an Organization the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). Click to Edit Lead, click the Convert to Organization button.
Kristen has already added the contacts into her CRM. She goes to Elite Athlete's Main tab, clicks on the Edit Lead button then clicks the Convert to Organization button.


Updating the Products

Next, the products need to be associated with the organization. Click to go the Advanced Tab, select the Organization under Cart Options, and click to Save.

Kristen has already added their products into her catalog. She then finds a product, clicks on the Advanced tab, chooses Elite Athletes as the Organization, and clicks "Save". She then repeats for each of their products in her catalog.


Adding Content to the Landing Page

Content can be added to Cart Landing Page via the HTML editor found throughout Event Manager. Rich text, images, links, and tables can be added as Headers (above the list of products) and Footers (below the list of products). Click to go the Cart Landing Page, create the content, and click to Save.

Kristen wants to add some text to introduce her partner to her customers, and to promote some discounts for their products. She finds them in the CRM, clicks on the Landing Page tab, creates her content, and clicks "Save".

Viewing the Landing Page in the Cart

The landing page can be viewed by clicking the View in Cart button on the Cart Landing Page tab in the CRM for the Organization.

Now, Kristen is ready to see how her work will look to her customers. She clicks the "View in Cart" button.

There, you can review your content and check your list of items.


Promoting the Landing Page

The landing page has it's own URL. That URL can be promoted any number of methods, both from within Event Manager, and from outside tools. 

Kristen wants to promote Elite Athletes from within Event Manager by linking from the main shopping cart page and email campaigns. She also shares the URL with her partner, so that they can do their own promotions.

Adding Themes

You can create custom theme that matches the look and feel of your partner's site.

Enabling a Theme to be Added

To be assignable, it must be in Your Themes, and it must be Active. Please review the "Using a Theme from the Library" section of the Theme Builder article for instructions on this, and for instructions about everything else related to building Themes.

Adding the Theme

Go to the Cart Landing Page tab, open the Theme menu, make your selection, and click the "Save" button. Click the "View in Cart" button to see how it looks.


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