You can set tasks to be completed by yourself or other administrators in the CRM user group using CRM Tasks.

Example: You have a customer meeting that a particular sales person needs to attend in the future.

Go to the customer's CRM lead and choose the Tasks tab, then click New Task. 

You now can enter your task information:

Enter a Subject for the Task and details in the body area below.
Communication Type, Communication Category, Public Communications, and Opportunity are optional (selecting an opportunity ties the task to a financial opportunity for the lead).
If you choose, you can select the date of contact, in the case of noting an inbound phone call (or similar contact). If the lead has multiple contacts, you can choose which contact person to be in touch with by using the Contact drop-down.
Follow-Up Due On is when the Task must be completed. Checking Send Follow-Up Reminder Email will send a reminder email to the Sales Person assigned (or the user creating the task if no sales person is assigned) the morning of the day selected in Follow-Up Due On. (You can set the reminder email to send earlier using the Configuration "Enter the number of days before a CRM task is due to send the follow-up email." - 1 is default.)

Note: The reminder email can be sent either as a summary to the sales person with all tasks for the day in a single email or as individual emails for each task. The configuration "Turn on to send the CRM task follow-up email as a summary of all tasks due that day." should be set to On to send as a Summary, turned to Off to send individually.

In the right column, you can choose the Sales Person assigned to the task.
Checking Notify Sales Person will send the sales person an email immediately that a task has been assigned to them. If Email Appointment for my Calendar is also checked, a .ics calendar item will be attached to the notification email.

A completed new task would look as below:


Upon clicking Save, the modal will close and the Task will show in the CRM lead:


The task itself is also viewable by the assigned sales person in their Task queue.

When completing the task, the sales person will click the Edit button and check the Task Complete box. This will insert the date and time of clicking in the Completion Date field automatically.
Save the task, and it will then be recorded as a communication and taken out of the task queue.

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