Staff Unavailability Calendar

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Your staff can create calendar dates that they are not available to work using their custom Unavailability Calendar. When a staff member has a date that is unavailable, you will be notified that they have a schedule conflict.

Getting Started

There are no configurations relevant to Staff Unavailability Calendars.

Staff View

When your hired staff login to their account, they will navigate to Staff > Schedule. By default, each staff member will have two calendars created for them:

  • Assigned Staff Events
  • Staff Unavailability Calendar

Your staff can add dates they are not available by clicking the Add Appointment button.


This will open the new Appointment window. They can add the relevant title, dates, and content to the message that they choose. By default, the appointment type is "Staff Unavailability" but if your staff are allowed to create custom calendars and appointments they may have more options. (This is controlled via configuration "Enable staff to create calendars and calendar appointments.")


Upon saving their appointment, the calendar will reflect their new unavailability (the appointment is named with the Staff Member's name - which in this example is "Staff Member").


Admin Notification

Admins can add a custom "Staff Unavailability" calendar on the main calendar. Simply go to Settings > Calendar and click Add New Calendar. Provide a name and color, then choose "Staff Unavailability" for the calendar type.


This calendar will then show all Unavailable Dates for all staff members, with the staff member's name as the calendar item.


Like other calendar items, admins can delete the item, edit them, and see the details provided by the staff member.

Since that Staff Member has indicated they will be on vacation between August 13th and August 18th, the admin scheduling them must be aware of this. If the admin attempts to schedule Staff Member for a date in that range, they will be notified of the conflict.


As with other schedule conflicts, the admin can use the "Override Schedule" checkbox to assign the staff despite their conflicts. In this case, we will presume the Vacation was approved and simply assign Staff Member to work on the 19th and 22nd.

When the Staff Member views their schedule, they will see their Assigned Staff Events.



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