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Users can apply to open positions through the shopping cart side of the system. As an Admin, you will need to set up available positions and the application process for each position on the Admin side. Applicants can apply to these positions through the Apply Online process on the cart side after logging into their account.

Example: You have an open position for a Counselor at your summer camp.

How To: Help your prospective applicant sign into an existing Account or create a new Account with Username and Password. This is necessary to access any staff links. Then,

Tell them to click Apply Online.

This takes them to the "Staff Application" screen which displays open Staff positions. Click on the Staff position they wish to apply for.

This opens the "Pre-Application" checklist of required items for that position.  

Some checklist items may already be completed if they answered them while setting up their Account. These items will be checked and grayed out:

Items that are outstanding and required will be unchecked blue links:

Click one of these links to open the particular form or category/region preferences and complete that item.

Once complete, the item will be checked and grayed out. Once ALL required Pre-Application checklist items are completed, they will move on to the Applicant Check List.

Click on the blue link item(s) at the far right under the Action heading to open a form or document and complete it.  Once an item is complete,  the “Is Complete” box will be checked and the “Date Completed” and “Expiration Date” fields will populate.

Note: Employment Checklist items are divided into “Pre-Hire” and “Post-Hire.” Once the user completes all “Pre-Hire” items, a hiring decision can be made. If they are hired, they will be notified via email and then will be required to complete the “Post-Hire” checklist items.


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