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All Products in Configio need to be assigned to a Location. Creating and assigning Locations to Products allows them to be searched by Title, as well as provides necessary taxation information.
Note: All Locations require a Region be assigned to them, so it may be helpful to create Regions first. Assigned Regions may be adjusted after Locations are created.

An Event occurs five times a year, in three different Locations. Each Location created has a unique Title in the database and is assigned specifically to the Event where it will be taking place. This way, the Products may be searched by Location Title.

Creating a Location

Login to the Administrative side of your database and navigate to Settings > Setup > Locations. Click the Add New Location button.


When the Edit Location screen appears, enter the Title, Region and Address for the new Location. If an appropriate Region has not yet been created for this Location, select 'All Regions' and change it after the correct Region has been created. Add any other optional information for this Location and click the Save button.


Note: you may have an address verification modal appear, depending upon your Address Verification settings. This modal will give you the choice to update the address as verified by USPS or use the address as entered.

Optional Location Information

In addition to the required items, optional information may be added to further specify the Location.

Abbreviation - Alternate Title
Location Type - Short description of Location environment: Church, Field, Gym, etc.
Note: Some Location Types have other functions within the Configio system.
Driving Directions - entered in the Text Box and describing how to get to the Location will appear in the Long Description of the Product details.
Phone Number - a Phone Number may be associated with the Location, for internal use only.
Image URL - an Image may be associated with the Location, for internal use only.
Map URL - a Google Map URL is generated based on the address specified.
Note: If the address is changed, this URL must be removed and the Location saved to auto-create an updated Map URL.
Latitude - Specify the GPS Latitude coordinates in Decimal Degrees.
Longitude - Specify the GPS Longitude coordinates in Decimal Degrees.
Note: GPS coordinates will be used instead of the address when creating a Map URL.
Tax Code - Only one may be used.
Export Value - may be displayed in some Reports, for internal use.
Website - a URL may be associated with the Location, internal use only.
Hide from Search - Check this option to hide the Location from a Search in the Cart.
Allowed Bibs - For clients using the Bib Tool, the type of Bib used at this Location may be specified: None (Default), Static, Dynamic, or Both.

Once a Location has been created, it will appear on the main Locations screen:


Each Location will display the Region, Title, Address, Active status (Green for Active, or Red for Inactive) and icons to display the Map (1), Image (2), or to edit the Location (3).
Clicking on the Edit icon will open the Edit Location modal and allow editing of all Location information.

Advanced Search

Once Locations have been added to the database, a specific Location, or a specific set of Locations may be found by using Advanced Search.

Simply enter the information of the Location to find by Title, City, Region, Country, or State and click the Search button. In the Search below, Locations containing "Spokane" in the City field are listed. All Locations which match the Search parameters entered will appear in a list below the Advanced Search area.


Each Location listed may be edited individually by clicking the Edit button for that Location, or a selection of them may be edited in Bulk.
To edit multiple Locations in Bulk, click the checkbox next to all of the Locations you wish to modify and click on the Update Selected Items button.

Location Bulk Update

/// WARNING ///
Using the Location Bulk Update tool may change data which affects how other features work within the Configio system.
Example: Changing Location information may result in the inability to save a Product, until the Product is adjusted to be in the Region of that Location.  

When the Location Bulk Update modal appears, any of the Fields shown may be modified for all of the Locations selected at the click of the Save button.


To modify all Locations selected in the previous section, click on each of the checkboxes for the Fields to change.
The changeable Fields include Location Type, Region, Tax Code, Allowed Bibs, Hide from Search and Inactive.
For Location Type, a choice may be made to Replace Existing, which will replace the Location Types currently assigned, or Add to Existing, which will keep the current Location Type(s) assigned and add to them the Location Type(s) selected.
To select from the drop-down list for Location Type, Region, tax Code, or Allowed Bibs, click on the Value for that Field.
Modifying Hide From Search, or Inactive requires clicking the checkbox under Value.
To make the changes selected, click the Save button.

/// WARNING ///
Using the Location Bulk Update tool may change data which affects how other features work within the Configio system.

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