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Creating Dynamic Content Pages

You would like to create a page to display a custom Photo Gallery, About Us, Contact information, Etc.  
Note: For advanced use of the web content page, such as to add a photo gallery or lightbox to the Content Pages, please contact your Account Executive.

To add a Dynamic Content Page with sidebars go to "Settings > Web Content".  On the web content page click "Add New Content" in the upper right corner.


Choose a title to display on the page underneath the logo.
The URL that you choose should have no spaces and relate to the title of the content
Meta Description can help Search Engines display the most relevant text in a search.
Meta Keywords should relate directly to your content.

Select a layout that matches your page’s needs.  For more information about Page Layouts please read more about Layouts.


You can disable the Web Content Page by clicking on the inactive box.
Content can be added via the Content Editor at the bottom of the page.
To read more about The Content Editor click Here.
After all Content has been added navigate in your browser to the new URL.

Quick Tip:  Many people like to use this feature to provide a landing page.  You can create custom landing pages that are themed for events, seasons, or special promotions.  These pages can then be linked directly to your shopping cart, or to direct your accounts/participants to a specific search result.
For any additional help please contact your account executive or call the general customer service line.

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