Scheduled Price Changes

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As an admin, you can set a schedule for product pricing so the price automatically increases or decreases based on the specific date(s) that you set.


Getting Started

Scheduled price changes are available for Event, Merchandise, Gift Card, Voucher, and donation product types. Scheduled price changes cannot be used in conjunction with time block events.
Example: Abbie manages seasonal baseball camps that offer early registration pricing for those participants who register at least 3 weeks prior to the camp start date. With scheduled price changes Abbie can set up the pricing for each camp so that the price will automatically increase to the price she sets on the date she specifies for each camp. Abbie's camps increase in price from $30 to $40 after the early registration has ended, below is how Abbie can accomplish this for her camps without using discounts or coupons.  
Creating a Scheduled Price
Navigate to Products once logged into the admin console. Search and select the product that you want to have a scheduled price change, from the Main tab of that product you will see "Advanced Pricing" 
Once you have clicked Advanced Pricing you will see the following modal.
Following Abbie's example from above in the product price field she would input $40 and then for the date she would select the date that is 3 weeks prior to the camp start date. Note that with the date field you can also select a specific time during that day. 
There is the ability to create multiple price changes, to setup additional price changes click the "Add" button. Once you have added the price changes click the Save button. Price changes can be updated or deleted until they have reached the time and date that they become effective. Once a scheduled price change has occurred you can no longer edit or delete them. 

User experience during a scheduled price change

When a user has an item(s) in their cart that are impacted by a scheduled price change the user will see the following alert as soon as they progress to their next step during the checkout process, the price of the product(s) is immediately changed to the scheduled price. 


Scheduled Price Change Report

There is a report available with this feature so Admins can view when scheduled price changes have occurred, it also shows how the price was impacted and which admin user created the price change. To view this report log into the Admin console, go to Reports, then select "+ New report". Input a title for the report then select "Scheduled Price Changes" as the report type. 
You can select/unselect fields to be included or removed from the report using the data source fields that were included with the release of scheduled price changes. 


Once you have selected the data fields you want included with the report click "Save & Run" to view the report. 


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