Guest Checkout and Allowed Purchasers

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Guest (or Anonymous) Checkout allows your customers to purchase products and register for events without creating an account. The Allowed Purchaser settings offer product-by-product control for you to determine if Guest checkout is available or if an Account is required.


There is a configuration that allows you to set the default value of the Allowed Purchaser of all newly created products. To change this:
Navigate to Settings > Setup > Configuration
Search for "Default new product allowed purchaser value"
There are three values to choose from:
  • Require Account
  • Account or Guest
  • Default Guest

Require Account

When Allowed Purchaser on a product is set to Require Account an account is required to purchase the product so the customer is directed to log into an existing account or to create a new account before moving forward.

Account or Guest

When Allowed Purchaser on a product is set to Account or Guest the customer is given the option to log into an existing account, register for a new account or continue as a guest

Default Guest

When the product is viewed in Single Page Checkout( SPC), the login and create account buttons are hidden, and the Participant collection fields are shown, driving the customer toward guest checkout (Accounts can still purchase, and the login link at the top right is still visible)

Product Advanced Tab

You can set the Allowed Purchaser value for each product on the Advanced tab of the product you are editing
*This update field option is also available in the bulk product update feature.


*Notes and details: 

If a Customer multiple products in their cart; if any one product requires Account; the Account Requirement will be enforced regardless of Allowed Purchaser setting of any other products allow for a Guest.

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