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When creating a new product there is a tab called "Custom Fields". These custom fields can be used however you like. The product custom fields 1-10 on the custom fields tab have been added as individual operators in email messages that target a single product. For example, the Order Participant Confirmation, or Triggered Product Participant Purchased. These labels can also be used to display on the product details and search screens on the cart side controlled through the Theme Builder.


Getting Started
There are some configurations available that allow you to change the labels of the product custom fields.
Navigate to Settings > Setup > Configuration and do a search for "label for product". This will bring up all the custom labels you can change for products custom fields.
*Note - The fields in the email operator list use the configured term for the label (so if you make Product Custom Field 2 read "Location Info" you will see Location Info as an operator when building one of the email messages).
You can also configure the option to show the product custom fields in the order confirmation locations and email operators. Search for "show product custom field" to enable these options.

Enabling Custom Fields via the Theme Builder
To display the custom fields on the cart side you must enable them through the Theme Builder. Navigate to Settings > Setup > Theme Builder. Choose your theme to edit. The Custom Fields Product List and Custom Fields Product Details are where you need to enable these fields so that they are displayed in the Cart Search and Details section.


Custom Fields in Emails

When sending emails that are product based you can add the product custom fields into your emails. There are individual operators for these fields in email types that resolve to a single product (product reminders, triggered product purchased, order participant confirmations, etc.) For example when creating a Product Reminder email you can insert the custom product fields into the body of your email. 

Custom Fields in Reports
The Product Custom Fields 1-10 have been added to the product data set in reporting.
Custom Fields in Product Descriptions
The Product Custom Fields 1-10 can also be used via tags in the product descriptions using the format: {{product.customfieldX}} where X is the number of the custom field.


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