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You can control whom may view and purchase specific products via the Access tab. This is useful for making exclusive events, merchandise, or packages unavailable to the general public.

Getting Started

Begin creating your product as normal, then go the Advanced tab and check "Hide from cart". Users will not be able to see the product by searching or browsing your catalog. Then, click to the Access tab. There, you will be presented with a variety of options for granting access to the product.

Access by Account

You can allow specific existing accounts access to the product by assigning the account to the product. Search via account holder's name or email address, then drag the desired account from the Unassigned Accounts to the Assigned Accounts column.

For convenience, you can also locate accounts by searching for products and getting a list of all accounts who have purchased that product. This is useful if you can't recall the name of person that you want to grant access to, but you do remember that they have purchased a specific product in the past. Search for a product's name, select the desired product, and drag the desired account from the Unassigned Accounts to the Assigned Accounts column.

Access by Link

You can create a special link that allows products that are hidden from the cart to be accessible. You can then share this link by internal tools (such as an email campaign) or via outside networking or marketing tools (such as Facebook) that are at your disposal. 

Click the CREATE button, copy the created link, and then paste it into your networking/advertising/marketing tool. Your customers then can use link the access your exclusive product.

When you no longer wish to provide access via the link, return to the product's Access tab, and click the REMOVE button. 

Access by Email Domain

If you wish to limit access to persons with a specific email domain, eg, you can go to the exclusive product's Access tab, input that domain, and click the ADD button. You can add multiple domains. Then, only users who have signed into your cart with email address from an approved domain will be able to find that product. This is useful for limiting access to customers who are associated with a specific organization, eg only people who work at 

When you are ready to remove access by email domain, return to the Access tab, and click the Cancel Icon next to the domain.

On Multiple Ways of Access for a Single Product

If you configure a single product to use more than one of the above "ways of access", then each "way" will work independently of the others. For example, if you have both a special link and a restricted domain, then a user does not need both the link and the domain to get access, they just need either the link or the domain.

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