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Configio's Bulk Product Update feature enables you to simultaneously make Product attribute changes to multiple Products. For example, if you wanted to update the Online End and the Purchase End Dates on all of your Merchandise Products, you could use the Bulk Product Update feature instead of making changes on each individual Product. The feature is available on the Advanced Product Search screen to make changes on all Products returned as search results. 

Important Note: This is a powerful feature. Please take care when using it. While it enables you to update the attributes on your Products efficiently, incautious use could create undesirable results.

Another Important Note: When updating individual Products via the Edit Product screen, the System does some checks to make sure that the updates make sense. For example, it will disallow a Start Date to be after an End Date. Bulk Product Update is an advanced user feature that does not perform these checks, and so please be diligent in ensuring that your updates make sense.



Getting Started

This feature is disabled for all Administrative Users by default. If a User tries to use the feature without it enabled, they will see an error modal.

Permission to use the Bulk Product Update feature can only be granted by Configio. If you are a Database Administrator, and you would like access granted for yourself or another Administrator, please contact us via email or at 1-800-375-2191.

Navigating to the Product Advanced Search Screen
Login to the Administrative side of your database and go to Products. If you do not see the Product Advanced Search screen, click the Advanced Search button.

Searching for Products to Bulk Update

Perform a an Advanced Product Search that will return a list of Products that you wish to update. For detailed information on the  Advanced Product Search, please see it's dedicated Help Desk article.

Bulk Updating the Products in the Search Results

You will see the list of Products that matched your Search, and you will see the Bulk Product Update button.

When you are confident that the Products in the Search Results are the ones that you want update, click the Bulk Product Update button . You will see the Bulk Product Update Modal. Select which fields you would like to include, and input the new values for the fields. 

There are some options to consider. If there are Master Products in the Search Results, you can choose to include their variations in the Updates. If you choose not to include them, only the Master will get updated, and it's Variations will not. If there are multiple pages of Search Results, you can choose to include all results. If you choose not to include them, then only the currently selected page will get the update. When you are ready, click the Update Products button.

There will be a modal to confirm that you would like to make the updates. When you are ready, click the "Confirm Bulk Update" button. You will see an information modal, stating that the request has been queued, and that you will receive an email message when the update has finished.

After the System has finished processing the update, you will receive an email message notifying you of the change.


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