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By default, Internal Title copies the Product Title, but may be edited. This allows the Administrator to create multiple products with the same Product Name, but use a different Internal Title which may be referenced in various places throughout the system.

Getting Started

Navigate to Settings > Setup > Configuration and search for "internal title". Adjust the settings as necessary and click the Save button.


Enable product internal title makes the option to use an Internal Title available.
Use the product internal title for the admin Accounts page displays the Internal Title on Orders under the Accounts page.

Admin Product Quick Search

The Admin Product Quick Search is the list of titles shown on the left-hand column of the Products page.
Start Date and Start Time of the Products appear below the Title, or Internal Title.


Admin Product Selection Control

The Admin Product Selection Control is used in many places throughout the system. When a Product is assigned to a Membership Level this control is used as shown below:


Assignment Nodes

Assignment Nodes are shown on the Assignments tab of a Product and when viewing Regions and Categories. Under Dependent Products, Suggested Products and Required Products the Product Title, or Internal Title will be shown, depending upon the Configuration settings.



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