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My Custom Event allows you to automatically send an email to Customers who started (but did not complete) the registration process. This Triggered Cart email enables these Customers (who have created an Account but abandoned their Shopping Carts) to receive a convenient way to finish their transaction. This is a two step process: (1) create the Email Message and (2) create the Email Trigger.

Creating the Email Message

Go to Settings->Email Messages, and click ADD NEW EMAIL. Enter in a Title, choose the Type "Triggered Cart", and click CREATE. See the Email Message article for general information about Email Messages.


Enter the Subject of your email message, and compose the your message using these custom Operators:

  • Cart Product List: displays a grid of all abandoned products, with links to each product
  • Cart Product List Comma Separated: displays a list (for use in a sentence) of all abandoned products,
  • Cart Product List Events: displays a grid of just the Event type of Product, with links
  • Cart Product List Merch: displays a grid of just the Merchandise type of Product, with links
  • Checkout Link: displays a link to the abandoned cart, to complete the transaction

Below is an example of how each of these Operators will display information:

A sample way of composing your email is below:

Once you are happy with your Email Message, click SAVE.

Create the Triggered Email

After saving the Email Message, go to Settings->Triggered Emails and click ADD NEW TRIGGERED EMAIL. Enter the Trigger's Title, and choose the Trigger Type "Cart ". See the Triggered Emails article for more information about Triggered Emails. 


After choosing the "Cart Created" type of Trigger, more fields will appear. Select the Email Message that you created above, and input a date range for which the Email Trigger will be active. Then, enter the number days the reminder will be sent after the Cart was created. In the example below, any Customer who begins the checkout process (and logs into or creates an Account), but fails to complete the transaction, will be sent a reminder. When you are happy, click SAVE.


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