Triggered Email

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Triggered Email may be configured to automatically send reminders, thank you messages, updates, administrative warnings and more to any email recipient.

Getting Started

First, create the triggered email by going to Settings > Assignments > Email Messages and clicking Add New Email at the top-right of the screen. Then choose one of the Triggered Email Types:


  • Triggered Account emails can use Account Information such as Account Name, Date of Birth, and more, then be sent based upon Date of Creation and Date of Birth.
  • Triggered Cart emails can be sent a given number of days after customer creates a cart, but doesn't complete their purchase.
  • Triggered Course emails can be triggered by the Learning Management System for course completion, failing, grading, and more.
  • Triggered Form Answer emails are sent upon order completion based upon a form trigger.
  • Triggered Order emails can be sent based upon the Order Date.
  • Triggered Participant emails are identical to Triggered Account, only for Participant information.
  • Triggered Product Participant Purchased emails can use product order data such as Product Name, Location, and more, then be sent based upon Event Start/End Date and Order Date.
  • Triggered Product Purchased emails can use product order data such as Product Name, Location, and more, then be sent based upon Order Date.
  • Triggered Virtual Meeting emails can be use the date of the virtual meeting to remind attendees of the date.

For example, you want to create an email that sends 5 days after your event ends thanking the customer for attending, and one that send 2 days before the Participant's birthday to wish them a happy birthday.

The 5 days after event end will be a Triggered Product Participant Purchased email. After creating, saving, and making sure the email is set to Active, go to Settings > Assignments > Triggered Emails to set up the trigger:



Adding Triggered Emails

Click Add New Triggered Email at the top right to create a new trigger.

Title the trigger for your internal reference. Then choose the type of trigger you're creating (again, a Purchased Product with Participant will have the Product End Date available as a field for sending).
This will populate the Message drop-down with all the email messages of the type you've selected (Triggered Product Participant Purchased, in this case), select the message you wish to send.
Set the Begin and End dates for this trigger to behave. As seen above, any date in the past will make the trigger start on the next night, and will end on the last day selected.
Set the number of days before or after the field you want to send upon. As above, 5 after End Date will send 5 days after the product ends. Also, you can choose to only send the email to Accounts that have a balance remaining on their Order. This is useful for a "please complete payment" type of message.

Note: You could set the email to send a given number of days before Product Purchase Date. In this case, the triggered email would send the night of the product purchase.

After saving the trigger, it then needs to be assigned. For more information on assigning items, see the Product Assignment Video, or the Categories and Regions help files.

To create the happy birthday email, create a new Triggered Participant email, and save.
Then create a new triggered email of the "Participant" type, select the Triggered Participant email you created, set the dates, and set the 3 days, before, and choose Participant Birthdate and save.

Note: Any Participant email will be sent to the Participant email address first, then fall back to the Account email address if the Participant doesn't have an address.

If you wanted to send an email to your Assigned Coordinators when a customer answers a specific question with a specific answer, setup a Triggered Form Answer email (note the operators on the end of the email that are Web Form Answer, Web Form Title, Web Form Question Title). Then setup your triggered email by choosing the form, question, and answer that triggers the email.


Then ensure the Email Coordinator BCC is assigned as you desire. Once the customer's order processes, if the form answer is selected and the product has the correct assigned Coordinators they will be emailed.

After setting up the triggers and emails you wish, the email messages will be sent automatically once a night to the appropriate customers!

Triggered Emails Settings

Configio has added a settings section with almost all the triggered email types listed. For each type, the admin can allow customers to opt-out of triggered emails they don't want to receive. As the admin, you will also have the ability to rename the triggered emails, giving them custom labels.
Triggered Email types which the admin has allowed an opt-out on are show on the shopping cart communication settings page. Types which are account-based (like triggered account) are listed once on the page and any participant-based types (like product participant purchased) are only sent to the saved participant emails which are checked under marketing emails.

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