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You can upload either single email addresses or CSV files of email addresses (and names) to create Distribution Lists and use them to send emails through Email Messages' Email Campaign system.

Example: You need to send a marketing email to a list of potential customers. These contacts do not have to have purchased a product yet.
How To: Under Settings > Email Campaign, click “Upload Email Address(es)” from the drop-down menus:


This will expand the “Upload Email Address(es)” window.

First enter a “New List Name” in the appropriate field:


Note: If you have existing lists of emails you have uploaded, you can add additional contacts to these lists. Instead of entering a “New List Name” in the field, simply click on the list you want to add to in the “Your Current Contact Lists” menu above the “New List Name” field.

Once you’ve named your new list (or chosen the current contact list you would like to add to), decide whether you want to upload a CSV of email contacts, or just individual contacts.

Upload Single Contacts: In the “Upload a single contact” column, fill in the contact’s First Name, Last Name andEmail Address in the appropriate fields.

Note: Only “Email Address” field is required; First and Last Name are optional.


Click Submit Email Address to upload the address to the List.

Upload Multiple Contacts: The controls to upload CSV files of contacts are in the lower right-hand corner.


Note: Contacts uploaded through CSV files MUST be formatted correctly. To see the correct column layout for your CSV file, download a template by clicking Download Template:

This template will open in Microsoft Excel.

Here is the required layout for your CSV file (see below). Column headers must be “FirstName,” “LastName,” and “EmailAddress.” Even if you are not using First and/or Last names your CSV MUST include these three columns:

After you have saved your contacts in a CSV file on your computer, click Choose File on the "Upload Email Address(es)" screen to find that file on your computer’s hard drive.

TIP: Save your CSV files with recognizable names in an easy to access place.

Once you have located your CSV file, click Open to select that file.
Finally, click Submit CSV File to upload your CSV to the List you created (or chose) at the beginning of the process:


Note:  Once you have Uploaded your individual contact(s) or CSV file, you must “Create a Unique Distribution List” to access the list in the Campaign System. 

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