Share Your Purchase

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Share Your Purchase displays on the the order confirmation page.
This lets your customers share any of the events or products they purchased via Facebook, Twitter, Email and Pinterest.

There are new Configurations allowing you to turn on/off this feature, render it in a modal or on the page, and allow you to decide if the control should be placed at the top or bottom of the confirmation page. By default it will be turned on, not in a modal, and shown at the bottom of the page. To enable and disable the buttons on the configurations page search for Share and toggle services on and off.


There is also a new report called “Share Your Purchase Results” which shows you each time this is used by your customers.

You can also create custom share your purchase results by creating custom Web Content pages. These pages can then be assigned to a product on the Advanced Product Tab.

See the Web Content and Product Advanced Tab help files for more information.

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