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The Shopping Cart is the place where you interact with your customers and account holders. You can modify your Shopping Cart withThemes, Styles, and custom development. Your layout can be changed as well as your content by using the tools in the Admin system. Features can be added or removed through the Configuration tool to further customize how your Shopping Cart works.

The Help Documentation can walk you through how to change the Shopping Cart experience, but we encourage you to call your account executive or customer service line directly for help or tips on how to get your Shopping Cart customized to your specifications.

Customizing Shopping Cart Expiration

You are able to customize the length of time a shopping cart is "active". This configuration allows control over the carts and works well in conjunction with the "Consume Inventory when added to cart" option when setting up products.

The default value for the shopping cart to stay active is 720 hours which is equal to 30 days.
This is NOT the TicketMaster-style, "You have 10:00 left to complete your purchase" countdown behavior, rather it's a behind the scenes type of configuration so that if you have your cart open and the time runs out, your cart will look like you have nothing in it and that your are starting from scratch.
The idea is that you may not want someone to hold an item in their cart for 30 days with no intention of actually purchasing the product.
To access this configuration you need to navigate to Settings > Setup > Configuration
Search for "Number of hours to keep carts"
Enter the number of hours you would like to have a cart active and click Save. 
After the set time has passed the cart will expire forcing the user to have to add the item(s) to their cart again.

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